This Is It - 2021
2021-03-06 00:00:00 (UTC)


Great news Diem,

We fixed the vacuum finally! Yay! Clean carpet time! Except actually we didn't fix the vacuum because my mom's friend looked at it and said that we were accidentally sold one that was almost certainly defective from the start and just got worse because we didn't know there was an issue. So I had to go find our old vacuum and fix THAT one. But I did it and finally vacuumed and our carpet has so much less dirt/leaf space it's incredible.

Got some time today to film the video I scripted a couple days back, though my camera insisted on repeatedly dying throughout the event. I got it all down though, and my goal of more than one video in March is looking very achievable - Hurrah

I reached the first checkpoint in DuoLingo today too! I mean, technically I passed it when I did my placement practice thing initially to see how much Spanish knowledge I was starting with (past checkpoint 1, evidently) but now I've got every skill up to that point maxed out. That makes me feel pretty proud of myself. Even though, again, I knew pretty much all of it and it was a lot of review, it was good review, and I'm happy that I can see the growth of my understanding of it, even if it is Basic concepts

My cat has sprawled across the notebook I was using to keep track of my progress there (and partially on my laptop) which I'm going to take as his way of saying I need to leave this stuff and go to bed with him. So that is what I will do, because I rarely say no to my son

Still wondering when I'll get Spanish dreams...

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