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2021-03-07 00:40:27 (UTC)

Wow!! Cha-ching already?! 😎

Wow!! My State and Fed tax returns are already sitting in my bank account. Cha-effing-Ching baby!!!!! They say money can't buy you happiness but it does give you a semi for sure!!! 😈 I should save it...,,,, not!!! I'm actually surprised Murica still has money to give us back our tax refunds. We're spending like there is no tomorrow. But I'm not gonna get into politics. It's like watching a horror flick. It's not gonna ever be a happy ending. 🕸

I got invited from someone at the gym for her birthday get together. I get along with her and her husband at the gym. She is also friends with Heidi. Told Heidi about it and Heidi doesn't want me to go. I laugh because I know she wants to keep it a girls night out and she's already told me she isn't happy with her dude.I think she doesn't want me to see her going..... hunting. hehe. Her situation? It's at the moment a convenience thing and her dude helps pay rent so it is what it is. That makes me so relieved that even though I'm not with anyone right now, I at least am not in a crappy situation like that. Being with someone that you don't want to be with but just dealing with it for now because you're stuck financially? Pfffft!! What the hell kind of life is that? Gotta get rid of that guy/girl before you can even start fresh again for something real? Yuck!!! No bueno.

Anyway... I'm thinking about either getting a 2nd kayak so I can bring a friend with me kayak fishing once in awhile or do another mod on my truck. Yup... not exactly 3rd world problems huh? But you know, I'm in Murica!!! We got other silly stupid things to worry about. But yeah, makes me kinda like an a-hole but tough. I was homeless in the past. I actually was so hungry once that I grabbed leftover food from the trash. Yup..... gotta confess I did. Only inspired me to get an education and make sure I never would starve or be homeless ever again. But that was a long time ago. No problem with food now. I got the gut to prove it. Never gonna go hungry like that ever again.

Ok, gonna try to get some sleep before I have to get up in 3 hrs. I got multiple alarms set so I have less of a chance to not wake up at 3AM. Later diary.