Do Not Disturb

2021-03-06 00:42:58 (UTC)

Glow in the dark

So I got paid today. The same amount that I got paid last time. Now I'm just thinking my job is fucking with my money and it's just making me wanna quit. I work $9 an hour but their only giving me $300 and some dollars and 30 hours. I should be making more that. I only get 30 minutes breaks every single day. So, they have to be fucking with my money or just doesn't like me. Probably maybe both.

But anyways I got my nails done today. I got the glow in the dark cotton candy ones with diamonds on them and their so cute. I freaking love them. Along with my toes and eyebrows and oh boy did I need my eyebrows done bad. They gonna hate on me tomorrow when I go to work.

I called out from my other job because this cold just won't go away. I've taken everything could ever think of from pills to medicine and the coughing still just won't go away. I hope I don't have covid. I know that for a fact because my mother doesn't have it because she went to the doctor and she got tested and it was negative. Maybe I need to be just to be on the safe side. But I'm pretty sure I don't either. Maybe I just got a cold. That's all their is.

I didn't eat all day until around 6 something. So I got me some salad from Zaxby's. I was debating on that and their new chicken sandwich but I got the salad instead because I am overall on a diet. Somewhat.

I went to the hair store and got some hair and the Hispanic guy still works their and still is oh so cute. Not cute. Fine white Hispanic boy. Wish I knew his name but I'm never gonna get the courage to talk to him. I swear I seen him on a dating app before. I think It was tender. Should've texted him when I swiped right.

But anyways I live my nails because they glow in the dark. I didn't expect to spend almost $40 at the hair store but then again your buying hair so it's gonna cost about $20 anyways. I didn't care as long as I gotten something done for my hair for sunday for the dinner birthday party. And their saying their going out clubbing afterwards which I never been to a club like ever and its 21 and up. As long as I stay with my folks. Especially when I'm drinking. It I'm not the type to just roam off with anyone.I'm not that stupid. Not stupid at all. But then again, might not go because of covid. I heard their planning on releasing the mask sometime next month or the end of this month. I'm still keeping mine on regardless.

My period feels heavy as fuck but it always feels like that the first two days and on top of that I still have a cold and a cough that just won't go away. I bought me some more pads from Walgreen's and they were like $5 in all. My mom asked me why I don't wanna use a tampon. Its because I never got taught how to use one so I always used pads all my life and they probably feel uncomfortable. They look uncomfortable. The way you just push it into your vagina like that. My mom always tell me if,you can take a dick you can take a tampon pushing all the way in your vagina. Or, something like that.

I don't know how those things work.

- A