My thoughts through living.
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2021-01-24 21:38:06 (UTC)


I'm at my mothers again. I thought lonely could be cured around people, but all my thought colbinate in the calm space of the kitchen. when i go to maek tea, im calm, doing nothing much. then i just think about something, anything. its never intentional but always negative. somethign to make me question the purpose of what i do or those i associate with. 2 minutes of myself where im fine with the lonely, because i have me. the future isn't a question there, i have no future to be certain of. any promise of a life along side people, they seem more pointless. none of the thought seem to make me sad, im just sad when i get there. after i think its kinda cute to be liek that, to do that stuff.

Anyway, lets discuse cooming. I might be a natural coomer, but havign not much to do lately, I coom all day. when alone, 5 is probably the base coomign amount. since it stops being cool at that point, i want to chill out on cooming for a bit. will make that 3 days maybe. originaly it was a week but..... no,