If I die today
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2021-03-06 07:06:00 (UTC)

love bugs

This is a something eventful. so my man has scabies and its already been treated he just got diagnosied yesterday when he noticed the rash and was concerned. He was fairly upset and embarrsed hard to tell by text but when we talked I know he was really ashamed. I'm pretty certian it came from his work. The olny time he saw me thursday was to run to target n back i jumped in his car we walked thru 2 stores and I went home he didnt follow me in. Of course there was hand holding and maybe rubbing in the store but I dont even think we had too much in the way of kissing on that day. Anyhow eAnn texted me outta the blue yesterday literaly just minutes before I got the text with the news of our gross little diease haha. She wanted to get togeterher this weekend so were shooting for next weekend outside walking. She's kinda concerned over the c0v!d shit so we will be safe. shes a nurse one of the people I love much but sorta dont know how to relate always shes so ambitous has a great family 3 children she works as a nurse. She does take action on things she stands for has a very kind sweet heart and will do things with a passion. I love that girl. Anyhow so I'm super happy about my friend and shes a nurse so she understands ai did tell her I have no sypromes I didnt really touch him thursday. IDk.. Anyhwo so he wanted me to go to urgent care and well he had already got his housewomen there so thats awkeard specially in the socialist world we we live in and thing about it I'm 18yrs younger and I'm not gonna wear a mask-- which is my main reason for not going and his lady is on disability also. According to him shes not very hygeinic eirther so anyhow it just looks suspect and the whole medical system locally and porbally into eternity knows I used to be homeless.. ha and dshs considers me a (former) prostitute.. Eww so man that would be so akward plus I feel pretty secure with my hygiene products contain a lot of eucylpus however you spell that. mint, tea tree all that fun stuff which does sorta natrually deture pest of sorts. I put vix in the humidifer running that. Today we are taking the laundry to a launder or nDea will help me here.. so this is all assuming he comes thru bc well theres always the possibly family commitments will pop up. I asked him to vacumm for me yesterday to be safe. just cause whatever. Anyhow we almost got into a nother fight over vaccums bc I told him we could search for one today and he got all caught up on oh you should let me by that one and then he said I dont wanna by somehting that doesnt work and blah. He doesnt get it I need something I can use. So shit I really have to handle this all myself. I am taking dr. teals bubble baths added oatmeal and Acv I'll probaly try to soak again today too I m also fully washing after including hair n stuff since well bugs.. But I dont want to dehydrate myself so we will see after our encounter today or non encounter. I think If I give him till about noon I will know if we are really gonna do anything today. Anyhow my diets afwul I ate a whole big in chips in several small doses yesterday. Im planning on getting this turkey bacon and biscuits going around 8. but yesterday I just ate sorta sloppy whatever all stuff from home dinner was a frozen burito after the bath. I went to sleep with heartburn but I didnt sleep till around midnight or 1. I woke up at 6. Anyhow watched the fullerton informer this morning a recent livestream I think he said thrusday the label said yesterday.. Anyhow one thing that I want to start doing to is looking at the lyrics of music. Who knows maybe find songs that I can make conversation with others about and sorta bring them to the light. Maybe pointing out what we are consuming. I think it might be eye opening if we start looking at what is being stated in the songs and the message we receive and put out. I'm hoping to have some quiet time buuuut IDK I already have nDea on my adgeda so I am watign for the call.. (or text ) hah with what our plans are but shit thats no excuse . I do need a good prayer time and IDK when I'm gonna get mysefl situatied buckle down and block out the world .. today should be high winds so I'm not so sure about a walk but Im thinking its not actually windy right now. Im not sure what else is new but I may or maynot have bugs or denial.. my friend is back and well thee world is sad and sick and maybe exposing the music industry will make an impact