Carrie notes
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2021-03-06 02:34:42 (UTC)


What annoys you most?
About a year ago my aunt swore up and down I needed to find a new payee. So I took the steps and made it happen last August. You would of thought she would be thrilled I listened to her and made things easier for her.
1. But some how my aunt has fought me tooth and nail because she is no longer my payee.
2. Wants me to believe that I did the wrong thing by honoring her request and changing my payee
3. Acts like I need to have bus fare all to time to run do her biding.
4. At least two different occasions bitched me out because she doesn't like the fact I am working to become my own payee.
5. Aunt Carol dislikes the way I even pay my bills cause it's not done her way.
With that being said, I honestly feel better because aunt Carol is not in control of my life anymore. Sure there has been a few things I had to work out with the new payee. That's life and I'm taking adult responsibility for my actions.

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