London Life
2021-03-05 18:17:40 (UTC)

Not very well again

I said very clearly that I’d meet Jack on the Camden High Street side of the station, so naturally he was waiting for me on the other side. Then when I was waiting for the vaccination at the Living Centre, I texted him to say I’d have to go straight home afterwards, so of course after he’d got our food he waited for me outside the Living Centre when I was already at home.

I finished my article this morning and my editor said it was “lovely stuff”. This evening, we joined other runners watching a film online, about a Radio 1Xtra DJ planning to do an Ultra. The video ended with the race being postponed due to the virus, which was good as his Doctor said he shouldn’t do it until he got used to his newly-diagnosed diabetes. Afterwards we went on a run. Jack was actually faster than me, which I put down to my recent slowness and my extra layer, but soon after we got in I became really cold, as the nurse giving me my vaccine suggested I might. I had to put on a lot of clothes and several sleeping bags. Sally had flu for three days after she got her vaccine, so it’s no surprise I’ve got the symptoms I usually get about once a year anyway.

I was very cold when I woke up, and I had bad aches all over, no appetite and later a headache. Jack thought I should stay off work but I hadn't done any of the applications received since Tuesday, and I was also supposed to be looking at the SP inbox. I've had so many emails about the front door of the next door flats, I had to get a man round urgently so I phoned him this morning and then had to stand in the cold while he told me what he was going to do. By lunchtime my appetite returned, I felt less cold and my aches were not as bad. However I've cancelled tomorrow's litter-pick and run.