Do Not Disturb

2021-03-04 22:44:38 (UTC)

Bad Days Ahead

So, I got off early today around 12 because I'm not feeling good and on top of that my cycle is on and my stomach was hurting because I didn't eat anything all day and because of me not taking two pills before my period started. It usually come on near the end of the month or sometimes it won't come on for a whole month then come on out of the blue. When I told my general manager she thought I was lying but I actually just have a cold because I've been coughing like crazy today. I don't wanna cough all over those people food even if, I had a mask on. I'm home now though in bed relaxing took a hot bath. It helped with my nose breathing a little bit. Took some medicine. I hope I'll be better this weekend and quick. But no cold goes away that fast.

I tried getting something to eat hut I could barely eat that until a little later because it felt like I had to puke every time but I didn't.

I haven't really heard from Nigel like that anymore. He's been posting on his story yet he says he's a bad texter. But when I mention something to him about him being a bed texter. He would say that we're not in a relationship and blah blah blah so I just don't bring it up at all anymore. He doesn't ever text me first like he use to when we first started talking but its okay. I still have Marquis. Nigel says he's been busy driving and what not. All I've been doing is working and coming home. No one takes me out like that anymore.

Their planning on doing a covid release mask in April or the end of March I think. But me I'll still be wearing my mask regardless until, its confirmed. Because people are indeed still dying.

I hope to get my stimulus tomorrow. It says it should be mailed by tomorrow and I also get paid tomorrow. I might get my nails done tomorrow morning and my toes done as well because their looking pretty ugly at the moment. I already know what I want to that I should've been gotten a while ago and I had the nails screenshotted still in my phone. Their called cottage candy nails that I've never had before because I've always had the basic blue nails but the cotton candy nails is probably something I will really like. I tried to get my hair braided this weekend but the girl that usually do my hair isn't available for this weekend so I'm just gonna get some shrimp from the hair store like usu and go from their. Some hair that will stay in their for a long while.

I hope I feel better soon because my auntie that we call auntie but is family to us so we call her auntie but I call her by her real name because you know. Its her birthday sunday and she's having a dinner so I have to look extra cute.

I feel as if, my face has gotten fat. I have a double chin and I hate it. I've been eating salads lately and that'd not helping. Well, I was suppose to be on a diet but I'm out here eating sweets when I need to stop eating sweets and bread. You can lose weight just by not eating bread or so I've heard. I don't know how usually this diet thing works. I ended up eating me some Chick-fil- A when I got off work and could barely finish that until later because my stomach was always how it was when I feel sick and yucky like that time I was in the hospital when I lost my appetite snd they had to make me eat. But I just wasn't in the mood for it when I had surgery.

I'm getting me some glasses as well. I've been planning on getting some forever. I just never gotten them because of insurance and such. But maybe it won't be a problem. Just don't know where to get some. I'll find out sooner or later.

- A

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