London Life
2021-03-04 10:59:55 (UTC)

The Budget

We went for a late lunch – I had to go to the computer shop to get Miss H’s letter and statement printed, and Jack needed to go to Boots in St Pancras, so we only had time to get a snack from Pret.

By taking the direct route – the same as Sunday with a few added main roads – I made it in time to the food can sorting task in Tottenham, but only by allowing 100 minutes to do an expected 10km, with much early preparation to make sure I left on time. I missed the last turning due to the lack of a road sign, which added about a mile to the run. As the CA organiser was late, I had a chance for a sit-down, while I chatted to Sam about ultra training. Eventually Nurj, Kabil and the organiser arrived, all quite loud people who talk in bold statements rather than conversation.

We got the job finished quickly and I ran home, to complete 21km. I felt a bit tired around Finsbury Park but got a second wind. My new trainers seem to have stopped my legs and feet feeling stiff after the run and the next morning. On the run there, I listened to the budget, and Kier’s reply. There wasn’t much to complain about in the budget, except for free ports and more encouragement for house-buyers, but Kier pointed out the many issues not addressed. He accused the chancellor of being a closet free-marketeer, and asked why he was inflating the housing market rather than talking about council housing.

My editor wrote to say that the deadline for the next article is Friday. I was planning to write it at the weekend, but I got down to it tonight while Jack watched a live chat about identity and racialism. My article was a previously-planned piece about hospital treatment. I knew where I had to look for the information, but again the value of checking everything became apparent. A reminiscence on the official website was clearly accurate on checking.

I had quite a late night, didn’t have much time to read in bed, didn't feel sleepy and was still awake at 02:00.