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2021-03-03 18:46:38 (UTC)


Stories and Headlines from Clinton High

You might have been hard as a mom.--Why somebody gotta explain three layers of
grandchildren but they body still look fifteen? Facts

Aint no ring backs. If you slap a woman and SOMEONE does not shame you back
either you GAY or your bitch is broken?/#!--#UBetNot

Some people cannot help that they are in the 90th percentile for sexy.
That includes black men, black women, white women, soldiers, and voluptuous personalities
Why would you gatta touch me tho"?

If you do not work for the CIA, FBI, or have and active investigation open there is no
reason for your to be recording the wearabouts of, spamming through receipts
or trolling someone with people who are emotionally triggered in need of attention.
I can neither confirm nor deny that copyrite infringement, biohazardous NPL techniques
are being employed, and without injunction and direct need for a character witness in an
active legislative or fiduciary action any filming have not been cleared with the "subject"-person or
interest Lol CEL:Lf sellphone#@!---is illegal

Many bad bitchez is from Kodak Heights, got a hot tub time machine, and pissed on better niggas at my gramma house
Skinny should be your body not your mind
Rail is a do not a say--because your shit is a circus and everybody don't eat dog food
Walk with me now we are adults of the new millennium in control of our actions and reactions
to our surroundings.
if i catch you dancing behind me imma smack snot out ya ass like a catholic school teacher

To all my beautiful sisters and children whose life I can touch today.
I miss you terribly and think of you often
I try not to lean on the structure of being a victim or a TI
but I can say that 5 models in the case may have brought us closer than
12 models in the case.

So minding all the ways that we are connected in the universe
all of the sparkling hearts and sparkling teeth
I just hope for maximum conduction, connection, and conversion.
That I may shine Gods Light and his love on all those
that share in this day with me
and that we all may be edified and overflow
with Gods Love and his purpose filled plan for us.
Yea black woman and I said it

Besides that Im not thinking about you.

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