Do Not Disturb

2021-03-03 15:47:23 (UTC)


I really don't wanna be bothered today at work. I just want today be a good day at work and I get off at 3. No stresses. No worries. Because people really seem to stress me out.

Well, only one manager seem to do that but she's off today and my favorite manager is working today. The other manager is mean and stuck up and likes things her way and she doesn't want people to help her like me when they try to help her when she ask for help... Like me. Next time I'm going off on her I don't care if, they fire me. I can get unemployment. I'm not about to have anyone talking to me any kind of way. And she's a a manager. So, you know theirs something definitely wrong their.

I hope I'm on the cash register today and not on the line fixing people food because it stresses me out even more. I know I'm not gonna be on the register for long but still. The manager be doing the most and if I lay her out it'll be a problem. I'm tired of being timid. And if this job doesn't work I'll have my second job to go to. I've always liked that job better anyways.

- A