London Life
2021-03-03 10:53:01 (UTC)

Hill Training


Did some more deliveries from Highbury. I chose three which were a fair distance to walk, leaving my bike in the community centre. Sadly all of the other four participants were blokes, so I didn’t bother chatting. I enjoyed the walks, though one of the recipients tlold me "Jesus knows you're kind" but the ride back home afterwards was boring, I’ve done that route so many times and it's not possible to avoid the narrow main roads.

I got an email from my boss about 13:55, which I didn’t see for two hours – checks on a long list of partners which needed to be done today, and first I had to get on the Finance system, which I’ve rarely used in recent years. I had to speak and write to two IT blokes to get in. And then I had to cope with the horribly archaic system.

We did our local litter-pick, quite an easy one, which we’d put back from Sunday, then while Jack had a Zoom chat I went to do some hill training up and down Primrose Hill. I went up and down three times using different paths, the steep bit at the top defeating me a couple of times. It’s the first week of my 16-week training plan for the Ultra, and yesterday, the first day, was a “rest day”. My new shoes seemed to reduce the stiff feet and legs afterwards, even though the tread on the old ones appeared OK, they were just splitting at the top. Instead of looking for a running skirt, I put on the baggy black netball skirt I'd worn in the morning, which didn’t seem to give resistance.

I had half a pie and a lot of potato before bed. The current French fantasy is that on a later visit, the young girl has become 16 and does a ballroom dance on stage with her brother, which ends with her stripping off to nude, and hugely enjoying it.