If I die today
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2021-03-02 09:17:00 (UTC)

exhausting cleanse

So I'm almost certian that I'm over my limit on DTE I'm totally exhausted and feeling some dehyrdation from it too so maybe 2tsp is too much for me so Illl make tonights one tsp my final dose and move along but that might be part of my not feeling well I defintly feel that it helped clean my tract but once I got to one tsp in the am and one at night ive been just overly drained. Now I know for the next time. but I gotta try to get some water pouring in me I did not make it on a run yesterday. I am uncertain about today soon thou I will be getting stretched out. Then a few chores and hyrdrating so maybe by 11 or 12 I will try. If I feel crappy than meh another day of nothing
I slept with a few waking ups for like second betwenn 9pm and at 725a nDea was texting me and i saw the clock and forced myself to strt the day so I'm tryin . Things are good with him the usual were in love. I cant complain he's been good to me and I just love him and am mushy about it. I'm exsecting disability tommorw then food money on the 6th so things will be perking up real soon as far as nutrtion and health ill have some wiggle room in resources. Made a deal wwith spectrum my bill will acturally start to be lower instead of higheer I'm saving about 4$ which isnt saving bc spectrum is greddy but least I avioded the increase :) I can take my service with me if we move at the same rate or sign on at a new customer rate. I might be moving by myself if I get an a partment before nDea is ready and take that then we will kepp working towards getting together more than 50% of the times I'm anxious here and feel unsafe crime other time I cant rest and sometimes I just tence. My office mangger seems to hate me too so that doesnt help. So if by any chance I get something Ic an afford I gotta go for it bc its not an ideal life here but I need to make sure I'm not running into something worse thou. TOday well I got nothin if I die I'm really slow n tired so if I die i would say if your look at a cause may want to investigate that cleanse bc I may have overdone it for my size likely user error but worth making sure people are informed to not have the same effects