La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
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2021-03-02 14:13:00 (UTC)

Brutally honest

Remember how I've been working on getting rid of all unesesary items in my home, well it cought up to me, now I'm getting rid of unessesary feelings or ideas, and trust me this task is much much harder to deal with. I try to go about some things and it always back fires, and then I try to give myself a little consolation saying something like, well at least your working on you, but it feels so wrong, how do you strip yourself of all things thought up to this point to be right? I'm searching for balance in my life and now I've realize being in the middle of caos is kind of normal to me now, and that is sad really. How can a person live so long out of balance and when trying to search for it is like oh this is nothing, imagine the amount of garbage I've been living with. Well am through with that and I'll begin with being brutaly honest with my self. And ask my self questions that I can not anwser because at this point I need to redescover ¿who I am?, ¿what I want? and ¿what makes me happy? Not vey simple questions if your not use to asking them often, I've spent my live surviving, now I want to start living truly living, and man I have a lot to work on.

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