This Is It - 2021
2021-03-01 00:00:00 (UTC)

March-in' On


New month, same sleepy. Our vacuum's fixed now, though! My mom's friend said our belt had been broken when we'd first gotten it and just gotten worse, which is not the best, but he replaced it and said it's fine now. So I finally get to tackle those muddy little paw prints trailing around the house. I cleaned my turtle's tank today - She did not enjoy Turtle Jail (A second tank with towels and her heat lamp. She's just dramatic) but I know she enjoys having a newly clean home. We will too, after I get to work on it tomorrow.

You ever start dozing when you don't mean to and then you have something to do so you have to try and snap out of it but it doesn't work because your brain is in a weird fuzzy grey zone between awake and asleep? Yeah, that was me trying to do my Spanish homework. I'm glad it gives me three attempts on each section. And Duo had to watch me lose all my hearts because I was too out of it to properly read everything. Still did it though - And now I can say "Quiero una taza de café con azúcar y leche, por favor. Y una hamburguesa con queso, lechuga, cebolla, y mayonesa, pero sin tomate." I mean, I could say that before... But now I the Owl has reassured me I can say it. (I don't even like coffee...)

Gonna get some sleep so I can get rid of this Dirt

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