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2021-03-01 13:19:56 (UTC)

I was so close!! 😤

So I was watching a new series on Netflix last night. It was a comedy with some heart tugging storylines to it. There's this scene where this middle aged lady is out shopping for a form fitting underwear. Looked liked grandma panties. Sales lady goes to the back to get it but as the sales lady comes back, a man friend of this middle aged lady walks by and starts chatting with her. So she instantly just grabs a pair of underwear off the rack hoping the sales lady don't come back with her grandma form fitting underwear and to not embarrass herself with her friend there. It also happened to be crotchless so it was awkward for her no matter what.

Anyway, because of that show, I finally had a cool sort of sexy dream with a lady. I dream stuff up when I briefly think about it for a min or two while I'm awake. So I'm in bed with the lady and she had on sexy underwear. She was a cutie. Slim the way I like them. Probably about 5'2" but she was laying down in my dream so I don't know for sure. I recall it being night time and I was just about to lay on her still with clothes on just to chat for a bit. Then I could hear birds. I'm thinking it's weird because birds don't usually move around at night. Then Boom!!!!!!! I wake up and it's morning and the birds I heard was in real life. Gosh darn effing birds!!!!!!!!!!! I at that moment hated birds with a passion!! First I was upset and frustrated but then I couldn't help but laugh at the situation 😂. I felt so ridiculous waking up this morning shaking my head. I have to laugh at myself sometimes. What a way to start a Monday 😝 Happy Monday folks. Hope yours is less.....challenging than mine today.

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