Being Sam
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2021-03-01 16:48:43 (UTC)

A little bit more broken than usual

My back is BAD at the minute. I wanted to say its "fucked" but I'm still trying to swear less.
I woke up with a twinge the end of last week and it seems to have gotten progressively worse from there. Now I wake up and for a moment, I genuinely don't think I'm going to be able to sit up and get myself out of bed. Which is a pretty scary thought at 30!

Usually it hurts when I lay down or sit down, but it seems to be the worst at the minute while I'm walking. I take a step and pain shoots from the bottom of my spine right down my left leg. Always the fricking left leg. It was the left leg that got the pain when they were trying to stick that needle in my spine too.
I'm really hoping it calms down soon because the panic in the back of my mind that I'll end up in a wheel chair is stronger than ever. Apparently the older you get, the less chill you are and the more you seem to worry about hypothetical. Who knew eh!

I look like a complete idiot when I walk though, back as straight as I can, shoulders back and a slight limp on my left side while I brace for that shooting pain.
Utterly ridiculous.

In house news - they still haven't finished the floor and I still don't know when the delivery is due. That sucks. I have ordered a dressing table, bedside table and desk for Izzy though so that should look July...when it finally arrives.
I'm probably going to use some of my savings to order a spare bed too later. Exciting times right? LOL