If I die today
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2021-03-01 07:03:00 (UTC)

a quick engament

Well now I'm sure I'm enganged I just asked yesterday as we were talking I just asked are we engaged now? He answered longly about willingness and desire to marry me but we got the the part where yes he considers me a fiance now. So thats that I havnt publicly declared that. Im still on DTE im going into this week on Wendsday should be 10days so Ill need to quit it. IDK about my diet I had the last to 2sagria's yesterday with our lunch. We had a good date yesterday we play got coffee went for a short walk then drove to 2 rivers park then carwash and we ordered pizza and played uno before we went to feed the birds. We went to fred myers to get my Giant slinky and we bout matching bra and underswears for last weeks outfit as well. then well when we got home had to try on the undies and then take them off bc I wanted too. Anyhow things are ok healthwise have some cramping but I've been pooping regulary sooo IDK. I've ha 3 cups of keurig coffee need to switch to tea now have had my vitimain d. taking my multi in just a minute when the oatmeal is ready did no impact cardio at 6 classical stretch. I'm planning on running today with the nice weather. It seems like theres been a lot of creeps around this weekend so IDK how all the little drug deals work but maybe somthings in or its just what they do at the begin/end of the month.. but defintly less than genuine people around here.. as always thats my neighborhood.. ugh. I cant say theres a spefic threat just nussisances to me. I didnt sleep well at all. We will see how the day goes. If I die today I dont really have anything more to say than as said and still keepin my man in on the descion makin I love him so much and want to be with him.

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