taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2021-03-01 14:23:42 (UTC)

Get in there, Lewis

Alright. It's March. Let's fucking go, let's get after it! March the 1st be with you.

Scientists maintain that when the 1st of a month falls on Monday it turbo charges that month and energy spills out onto all of us. It's science. NOT TO MENTION, daylight savings in a couple weeks, plus spring official is in there somewhere I think. Wowow.

I already have Big Plans to leave the apartment upwards of two (2) times this month. Maybe even a haircut.

It's all kicking off. March forward, not backward!

*chugs a glass of orange juice and punts the empty glass over the moon*

About to roll out of bed any minute now...
Then it's on. The first month of the rest of my life. And all of your lives *camera pans the crowd* but it's just an empty stadium except for Lee Pace sitting in the 3rd row.