Experienced Life
2021-03-01 03:32:41 (UTC)

Death and taxes😈

All are inevitable. Supposedly 99% of relationships fail. ugh.. said to hear. Crappy stats. Anyway, I just did my taxes. I file zero single so they reap my butthole every month in taxes. I purposely do this so I get money back when I file. Yes, I understand that I'm giving the Gov't a zero interest loan. I know I should claim 1 or 2 so I break even at the end. However, I don't so I always get a tax refund when I file. Sorta like a late Santa. This tax season, I get back nearly $4,000. Hell yeah!!! I know it's not a gift but it sure feels great to file my tax return and get close to $4K back! I know people say money can't buy you happiness but I don't agree with that. My friend Jenny makes min $150K a year and she says it makes her happy. For me? make me happy too. Bonuse tmi fyi, it gave me a semi when I found out how much I'm getting back in tax refund.

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