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2021-02-28 20:03:21 (UTC)

I need Amazon intervention🙁

For the life of me, I just can't find my GoPro 5 dang it!!!! Found the batteries but not the camera. Screw it. Bought the new GoPro 9 straight from the company and some accessories from Amazon. Truck upgrades will have to wait another month. hehe.

Friend finally came by to pick up the grill I was giving to him. It's a ReqTeq 380 and except for one minor issue, it's brand new. That company is great. Just needed to tweak one small piece caused by shipping damage and instead, they just sent me a new one and let me keep the first one. Cool. So I fixed it and gave it to my friend. I want my participation medal for purging my home just a little bit more. 😎

The weekend was pretty mellow. My truck is nice and clean. All spiffy and shiny like it just came out of the showroom. Maybe even better. It's good therapy cleaning my truck. Somewhat like hitting the gym, wine tasting overlooking the vineyards, sitting up in bed in the early mornings drinking coffee. These things somehow make me feel just fine. Whatever problems there are bouncing around in my head, it all goes away and I can smile and feel the warmth in my heart. Puts me in a state of euphoria. I don't know how it finally happens now when all those years, I was so full of doom-and-gloom. Now? Life is good. People talk about loving yourself and how you need to do that right? Well, it's easier said than done. I think I can get there at times and it's fricking fantabulous I tell you.

My shoulders and back muscles still hurt from our workouts last week. I can reach back to my scapula and feel the sore muscles back there. I'm surprised actually. First, I have muscles in my scapula area and 2nd, I can actually reach my scapula. I love the sore muscles. Actually, I don't love the sore muscles but I know that just means I'm toning it up and it'll look better later. At least I hope it does and prevents me from being that old man bent over while walking. Coach told us that is from lack of working out your back muscles. I guess that's true. I mean who works out their upper back muscles? In the past, I only use my back muscles to lean back on the sofa. Doesn't take much muscles to do that hehe.

If you're curious, here is GoPro's sale going on right now. If you're an active outdoor type of person, it's a great camera. It's really small so it won't weigh you down. I use a headstrap when I'm out kayaking. Or don't get one. I don't care. I'm not getting anything out of it.😏

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