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2021-02-28 18:23:19 (UTC)

Random Assortment - February 2021

February 28, 2021 Sunday 5:23 PM

A bit agitated! Weird. Wish I felt better. The only person I want to see is Nadiya, which usually indicates that something bad is happening, but idk. I feel fine. Very stressed but... fine.

This Must be the Place (Naive Melody) by Talking Heads [Won't you sing into my mouth?]

I Can't Handle Change by Roar

No Estás Ahi by Salares [Translation: You're Not There]

Amor Tumbado by Natanael Cano [translation?: buried love? dead love? "tumbado" means entombed, I think]

Vineyard - Korean version by OOHYO

通り恋 (Tori Koi) by Indigo La End ["Passing Love." LOL this was so hard to find on Youtube because Spotify only has the Japanese uh... lettering... so I couldn't search it very easily]

三文小説 (Sanmon Shousetsu) by King Gnu [Apparently, the translation is "Dime Novel"... more japanese songs, lol.... I was listening to some Japanese indie rock this month because some person on TikTok recommended a bunch of songs and I've been taking a lot of Tik Tok recs lately! Bc it's hard to find new music on ur own!! Anyway ya that video was probably recommended to me because of how much fucking anime stuff is on my fyp, but oh well, I found good music! This particular song is a little dramatic for me—like, I could see it being an AoT opening, haha. But still good]

El Amor Que Perdimos by Prince Royce ["The Love We Lost" lol.... idk fun to sing and reminds me of home]

楽園 (Rakuen) by Indigo la End [reminds me distantly of math rock... something abt the high and sharp quality of the guitar?]

Corazón partió by Alejandro Sanz [Mom recommended this to me—"Split Heart" or "Divided Heart"]

Who Do You Belong To? by Spirit of the Beehive [Ah, Spirit of the Beehive, how I missed you... this is a fucking cool song]

Cops Come Looking by Spirit of the Beehive

Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) by Kate Bush [Maria kept telling me to listen to Kate Bush lol. A little too 80s for me but I see the appeal]

Romantic by Mannequin Pussy [hot lady speak soft then scream!!!]

Ugly Brunette - Audiotree Live Version by Horse Jumper of Love [this still remains one of my favorite songs ever.. "I remember that shirt, I got a bunch of bleach on it. I liked it that way too." Simple but cutting lyrics, yanno?]

I Am an Ugly Brunette... I Want to Have a Lonely Child by Horse Jumper of Love [this is, I believe, the demo version... it's very lovely and soft]

Nature by Horse Jumper of Love [Very cute... reminds me distantly of sort of early Modest Mouse stuff. Although I suppose it's too slow for that comparison... it's nice though]

dogs by Nouns [I fucking love this song!!! It's so fucking good!!!! Swallow me whole! The lyrics are great, even if you mostly can't fuckin' understand them lmao]

Call This # Now by The Garden [The Garden is such a weird fucking band lol. This song is really good though, it tickles my brain]

Tokyo by Leat'eq [thx TikTok]

telepatía by Kali Uchis [I mean... TikTok but also Maria sent it to me. It's a pretty good song, tried to listen to more Kali Uchis but I wasn't into it]