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2021-02-28 21:27:22 (UTC)

Karma's A Bitch

So the next door neighbors guys don't had got into a car accident. The same guy that I was talking to that was cheating on his girlfriend whom he was with for a whole year. Hell, she's probably still dumb enough to take him back because she still be tagging him in shit and my dumb ass accepted her friend request when she sent it to me on Facebook because I was telling her the whole situation about him and me. But their was also two other girls she knows about and she still didn't dump his ass but she did this time for good. But you know how girls get they be forgetting all about that stuff and she still going with him.

Honestly, if I were still in her shoes I would've dumped him for good. But I haven't seen her go to his house for the weekends like she told me she does and me and her and her best friend kinda became friends in a way. We all are in a group chat on messenger. I don't even know how that even happened. She just started adding everybody and we were all in a group call. Even one time when she added her ex or bf or whatever Larry in the group chat to sort things out. But its just laughs and games with him. He didn't even take it serious. At one point, it seemed like he was crying. But he wasn't because he was still smiling.

Well, he got into a car accident today and they did a hit and run so they don't know who or what the car is or who it is. It's all just so funny to me. I mean I guess I'm glad he's okay. I don't want him dead or nothing like that. That's nothing like me. His ass was probably driving fast like he always does and still does and he probably has no insurance or his mother because his mother usually drives the car but he does the most now. So, now he has to drive the car with a broken window and a headlight around and everything. Hahaha!!!!

I feel so mean but oh well. I'm trying to see if I work at my other job today but it keeps hanging up for some reason so I might just go up their when my mother comes and get me. I was suppose to get off at 4 but the Quita let me get off at 3. I don't mind either way as long as I'm not bothered with Maranda. And she's been talking shit about me to saying I forget stuff at work and I'm slow. But I think my second job is right for me. I might think about just working their instead but ask to get more hours because honestly fast food isn't for me.

I need to get away from here. I need to be with my dad but I have two jobs now. Maybe I'm just better of with one now. And not the fast food kind. Maybe I'll quit this one and just be with dollar tree because I work their at night and its quiet. Its nothing going on or anything.

My dumb ass still talking to jt on insta talking about her still loves me and all that bull shit but its not true because if, he did. He wouldn't have broken up with me the way he did and we would've been together for a year and hell maybe even longer than that but I'm talking to Marquis now who's 26 and has a car even though it still needs fixing. He's finding ways to come and see me but not all the time. We thought it was going to be this weekend but it's next weekend. I guess.

Karma really is a Bitch.

- A

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