London Life
2021-02-28 20:52:26 (UTC)

Sunday to Thursday

Sunday 21st February 2021
I’d kept this day clear so we could go to the Black Cat and celebrate our veganniversary – seven years. After a lie-in, we cycled there via Canonbury, having deviated from the Agar route after Jack thought he saw someone from CA. The menu was limited, but Jack was pleased the advertised fake chicken wasn’t available but had been replaced by Seitan. We ate it in Clapton Square – I wasn’t sick this time and watched the children playing.
We returned to Hackney Downs, to the Well Garden which was quite busy, then decided to drink the coffee in the park, meaning we had to sit on some logs as there weren’t many seats. Frustratingly, Jack pointed out that I’d just missed seeing a girl in shiny over-knee boots and a tiny skirt, who I only just caught in the distance. I took him to De Beauvoir Circus, which I discovered last summer, and we sat there for a while, admiring the houses, before returning to our street to do our litter-pick. We did our street, then I asked Jack what we should do and he suggested the rest of the estate, even though we’d been intending to do the canal to make up for having accidently dropped a paper bag in there recently.

On Monday we went to Ellie’s at lunchtime, and ate our food outside the station, and the food delivery task from Angel was a bit more straightforward this week. (Last week, after making a mistake with Citymap I walked miles in the wrong direction, to Whitechapel, and had to get the Tube to Archway, where I then spent ages trying to find the correct address. So I missed the second task at the Elizabeth House). I took my bike this time, and cycled to Roman Way, where there were a few deliveries. I spoke to a woman who was housebound by disability, never mind the pandemic.

Tuesday lunchtime it was back to Elizabeth House, where I delivered by hand, one at a time, four of the bundles which I’d done by trolley with Sarah last week. It was very easy this time, as I knew where each of them was by now, whereas last time we spent some time looking for them. Sarah couldn’t make it this week. She told Simon she’d had a sad event. I wrote to say I was sorry to hear it, and best wishes. She wrote back and called me lovely, and told me her Dad had died suddenly. Jack got me vegan lasagne from York Way.

In the evening, at last I did my run to take in every London terminus station – all 13 of them, including Moorgate but excluding Blackfriars. I did it in the reverse direction to that originally planned, so I could run through Hyde Park while it was still light. It was a very enjoyable run, passing through places such as Victoria Street, Charing Cross and Moorgate which used to be very familiar until the pandemic but which I haven’t visited much in the past year. The only annoying thing was that I forgot to go to Fenchurch Street after Cannon Street, I was nearly at Liverpool Street before I realised, so I had to double back and then it was hard to find, not being somewhere you’d ever go past; you’d have to using the station to go there. The distance was just over 25km.

On Wednesday I cycled down to the Strand. I would have run there, but was uncertain how cold it would be when I got there, and what clothes I’d need. In fact it was very mild. I was put in charge beforehand by Ian, as I was the senior member there. It took a while until anyone else turned up, but Sree came over and soon found Grace (who I’d met at the litter picking in Kennington) and Stuart, the older one. Ceiling turned up on her bike; we were glad to see her as she had pulled out of a couple of tasks recently. She said her asthma has been playing up. She noticed I’m getting close to 500 tasks and says I always seem to sign up to tasks quickly. But this is because my phone gives me email alerts, and mots of my emails these days are CA tasks. Sree said she’d never found out what job I do. I do know she went to LSE. Ceiling said she draws for a living, I thought it was a hobby.

Anyway when Anthea arrived – the one who’d been given my phone number, and I was supposed to liaise with – it seemed I did know her, from the clothes sorting at Herne Hill. The task today was a bit chaotic, and we weren’t really necessary. I’d left my bike in Duncannon Street, as there were too many people milling about the bike stands near Zimbabwe House.

On Thursday we sat in Oakley Square at lunchtime, noting the slight differences between the houses along the side, and trying to work out why the doors at the end were slightly different – were they extensions? We then went to St Martin’s Gardens, where we watched a dog chasing a ball, then waiting for it to be thrown again, barking when it got impatient, then grabbing it when the owner – a man from a local estate - tried to throw it. Sometimes the man got impatient and shouted to the dog “I’m chatting to someone”. We did a run in the evening but I was too tired to combine it with hill training.