If I die today
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2021-02-28 08:15:00 (UTC)

mini will last gift..

There was quite a bit going on in the neighborhood yesterday not about me. Just the usally drugs n sketchyness . My jaw ended up retensing again at like 5or6ish so I ended up takeing flexiril around 8 bc it should help my grinding but also just to knock me out bc I'm on edge about the neighborhood crime. I have quite a bit to do today of chores yesterday I literly held tru to doing nothing. Did my 2tsp dte before bed last night today I'm on track 1 in before breakfast and I ll have one aat night . undecided if I wanna go ahead and complete 3 more days to equal 10 or just put it up for a bit I've done good as far as benifiting from it . The weather has been nice is coold in the morning but starting to act like spring so I want to run tommorow afternoon so gotta make some diet choices that promote that. at 9 I'll be really trying to get into my day right now the focus is still on wakin up. Yesterday I watched 3 hearts church texas. I totaly forgot they were in texas where the crisis is right now so anyhow that was informative but the message was about spiritual warefar. Her prayer stood out to me bc she said she prays lord dont let me have a dead walk with you let me have a ministry and life that honors and gloryfies you. So anyhow the idea of that prayer inspired me for what I need I need to pray to walk close with him and I'm sure that thats his will and that his will is for me to be fruitful so I have some inspiration now and perhaps things will turn around. I dont have much really spefic to say or offer if now is my last moment but I want to change. Oh in the name of being well on point if die today right now I did order a thermos for me but I ordered Dean a coffe cup that I am hoping he will be able to fit in his car cupholder .. He has cups but that dont sit well so IDK if itll help or not but its a gift noone knows is coming wont be here till tuesday I could have gotten 1$reward if I waited for delivery on the 9th but I figure I want to give him something. Its just practicial and well I wanna give him something and give rightly bc I love the man. So if I am nothere and amazon arrives tuesday the cup is his. .. There ya go thats my will today make sure the man gets a gift. All likelyiness I'll be here forever and ever but hey if I'm not someone will. Plus theres a chance he will be handeling my possesions if I go on.