Experienced Life
2021-02-27 17:37:14 (UTC)

Great Saturday!! 😎

Great day so far. First thing in the morning, went to gym class. It was the end of the 6 week challenge (where you watch your meals and lose weight) but I wasn't in it. So the gang wanted to go out to eat to celebrate. We went to Lumberjacks and had a good time. Got home and I was shopping online for stuff. Looking at the Hero 9 camera. I seemed to have lost my Hero 5 camera. No clue as to where the heck it is. I'm sure it'll turn up somewhere but for the life of me, I don't know where it is at the moment.

So I'm home chilling and my friend Jenny comes by to say hi. We hugged and chatted for a bit. I missed physical attention and it was nice. I asked her what's up and she said she was in the area and decided to visit hoping I was home. I could tell she was drunk and her man was doing the driving which is fine. She make way more than I do and she said she got a $450 stimulus check! I'm thinking with?! I didn't get anything and she make probably at least $150K a yr. smh. Anyway, she says she was driving around giving away her stimulus money to homeless people she sees on the street. Funny because after breakfast today, I had a take out meal from Lumberjacks and gave that to a homeless guy. But nothing like what she was doing. Cashed her stimulus check and started giving it away to the homeless people Damn!! She is so giving.

About 30 min later, she calls me and asks me to come over to watch a movie with her. She had a fight with her dude about something stupid (not about me). She is drunk. When she's that way, she gets touchy feely and I don't want to get into that kinda situation. I mean, I can't believe I'm turning down possible sex but I just can't. I've known her too long to be doing something stupid like that where we'll regret the next day. At least that's what I'm thinking right now. I'm sure as time goes by, I'll be hornier than heck and may regret not going. 😈. But no, I can still tell the difference between right and wrong and this is wrong. She fits my profile too. Smaller, slim, younger and she is wanting. Sigh... I'll just do some jump ropes instead and clean my rims and put tire shine on my tires. That's good enough for me on a Saturday.

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