If I die today
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2021-02-27 16:16:00 (UTC)

hungover ants

I have a hangover today. Just getting into the day now in time to go back to bed blah blah soo I'm pretty screwed up. My ring arrived yesterday we picked it up that super happy. Kimos restraunt let us in without my self suffaction deivce so we had a nice dinner with a momsia for each of us. We had a bottle of premade marigita that I mixed with crstyla light pure enerngy lemonaid and the end of the flat(ish) seira mist. Plus prior to that aroun 1 I had 1 sagria to take the end off myself. I had taken midrine earlier in the day for my blood pressure I wasnt feeling so hot havnt had restful nights really grinding and so on and something is causing a bp fluxation who knows.. but its alchol today. WE went thru one more sargia too befoer nDea left at araoun4 or 5a he walked home we didnt finshish the whole cup on the sarfia thou I did take a hit of weed a well choked myself as exspected I cannot freakin smoke I'm running desperat thou to stop the grinding . I told all to nDea about walter we talked and he knows the 2 currrent creeps in my life and why I was upse the other day. I had 2 promatihines this morning for my hangover althou its supposed to for my headaches n neasua noone will know that used them for this I spaced them 4 hours apart so aroung 7am then around 10 or 11a. naps and potties in between I 've got to work on dinner soon bc I'm going to just do the 2tsp whole on the cleanse all in one shot at the end of the night then tommorw I will hope to to do 1 and 1 but we will see if I'm still screwed up . Im gonna make one more keurigi coffee.. probally coffee-tea to go and take a walk then possibly get into my prayer quiet time and get my dinner but today if I dont make it welll thats the basics I plluted myself oh and the ants are back again and I've been spraying aunt fannies cleaning vinger eucylptus in my kitehen and cleanning which chases them out as well double duty but I just loaded the humidifer with methol alos its the vick humidfier I'm gonna try toget those smells in the air and drive out pest in that way too. so thats whats up with the ants and I'll be inhaling the vapors today too which may be soothing. I have a lot to say but no brain power so thats the jist of it i'm killin myself being goofy and as previous if nDea outlast me include him in my final plans my love