This Is It - 2021
2021-02-26 00:00:00 (UTC)

Pollen Problems


I'll be honest, I definitely don't think I got enough sleep to recover last night. And pollen has decided to take over everything we own. I am not feeling great at the moment. But I'm not feeling COVID bad (I don't think?) Just allergies and lack of sleep and hip problems bad, which is still Not Fun. Had to down a couple painkillers to feel okay walking around, though my hip still stayed pretty stiff/locked up and it obviously didn't do anything for the sneezing.

Went to the store again because we forgot to get any drinks outside of my few Jarritos. And there was a Girl Scouts stand! I, like pretty much everyone else I know, absolutely lose my self control when it comes to Girl Scout cookies. How are those things so good?

Also found out at around 10:30 that I had what should have been at least a few hours worth of homework I had to do by midnight. So there was some CRAMMING going on. I didn't manage to completely finish everything, but I certainly got more down than I should have if I hadn't absolutely rushed all of it. I'm not sure how my mom's sure I could do a Master's program... (Though according to her, getting a Master is less full-time than getting a Bachelor is)

And the murder mystery show ended today! No more sleuthing around for me. I got 12 out of 16 guesses right, which is not exactly my perfect score I got last season, but also not too terrible, I don't think. Still kind of upset with myself for doubting a couple of answers that would've been right and left me with only my guesses on killer and final survivor wrong. I still wouldn't have been in the running for the grand prizes, but I would've felt a bit better about my results, you know?

Anyway, I'm going to head to bed and try to ACTUALLY sleep this off, because this sucks

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