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me and my life
2021-02-27 17:47:38 (UTC)

Different zone

I'm in a completely different zone, I can easily pass an hr just by thinking. Thinking abt v, our past, time we spend, what if, buts and manyyy... I have become very sensitive, I cry on silly things. Kdrama makes me cry, songs makes me cry, seeing someone is pain, beggars makes me cry as if my eyes are just searching for a reason to cry. I feel deep, heavy, I feel I am carrying a heart with scars. My mind plays v words tera rasta alag mera rasta alag, they pin my heart. Yes I dnt want him back. I was a fool to beg him to be together. But i have soon realised that no we cannot be happy together after all these odds and may be because not both of us want it, may be a destiny. I pray to God to give me strength. I'll be happy to move out from here the places where I have been with him. Indeed am in a big loss emotional, financial and personal wise but I still wish him luck and good life. Forgetting him would be a problem, it will take a long time for me to heal. I suddenly feel how beautiful life is that we have to deal with everything which comes on our way and ugly because we have to cope with it no matter how much it hurts. Phewww...
Life life life is to be celebrated with scars, happy, bad, sad, good days... Accept and move ahead. But it's difficult.. Time heals everything.. 😇😇😇

Monku monku miss you...