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2021-02-27 02:45:52 (UTC)

I need to do that 1% 🤔

I made a mistake in the past few months. I think I got too comfortable. Weird huh? I did my thing. Did my job to my best. Hit the gym. I hang with my meetup friends. All good stuff. But all these things are comfy and I can do this pretty much with my eyes closed (mentally). I need to do stuff that is not the norm. Sure, all is good. Drama free pretty much except for the occasional texts or emails from the past. But that is not really much drama. Hard to phase me on that stuff. The quarrels in Facebook? Pfft!! I think it's only a few clicks away to snooze a friend for 30 days or unfollow. hehe. By the way, my Alexa is my alarm clock. I don't know if I mentioned this before but gone are the days where you reach out and hit that snooze button on your alarm clock. Now? With my eyes closed and the alarm blasting, I just say "Alexa snooze". And poof, Alexa stops and give me another 15 min before the alarm goes off again. I love that feature. I didn't even know it was doable. I just wished it one day and thought I'd give it a try. Alexa responded and said, "Ok, snooze". Dang!! I should receive a medal for discovery stuff like that. hehe.

Ok, digressing. I'm thinking I need to go out and get into... trouble. Maybe not trouble trouble but do things that might be a little uncomfortable for me. I'm already a pretty daring dude but maybe I need to do more. I have to think of things that I find difficult to do and maybe do it. I have ideas rattling around in my head. I won't say it now because it's all just in my thoughts for now. I'll wait till I do or try things then report back here on how stupid I was that day. haha.

Anyway, it's late. I had a good week at work. Gym was tough this week but the happy chemicals are flowing within me. Tomorrow will be the number 6 for the week. Only took off on Friday because they don't have Friday night classes anymore. I don't mind because I went from Sunday to Thursday. Tomorrows class will be #6.

Heidi messaged me. She wants me to go to another camp. This one is at Bear River Reservoir in CA. I was hesitant because the last time I camped there was the last camp I went with my ex gf Tara. I told her I'll think about it but yeah... not sure if my unconscious mind will give me crap. But screw it!! Just decided that I will go. I just got through saying I should do things that may not be comfortable so here it is for me to do and I say. hehe. Ok, I'll go. That lake sucks though. Been there a few times and caught zero fish. Carrie texted me too asking what adventures I've had with my truck. She's the one that bought a camp trailer. Don't know what that was all about but it was a surprisingly friendly chat.

Listening to a new artist I never heard of before. She sounds great. Singer name is Karen Souza. She sings a lot of popular songs and converts it to jazz. I can picture myself in a dimly lit bar with her on stage in a black dress like the olden days type singer singing some jazz and the spotlight on her.

Dinner tonight? Turkey meat cooked and seasoned like taco meat. In lieu of taco shells, I used romaine lettuce. Tasted pretty dang good. This Sponge Bob not so hard body gotta be in shape by Summer. 🤪 Now it's just posting here, listening to music having my cranberry vodka. There are worse situations to be in in life. This situation ain't bad at all.

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