Carrie notes
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2021-02-27 01:18:32 (UTC)

Carrie's Anxiety

I have been living a bad dream for the last couple of weeks:
1. Some guy I never met kept calling me honey and babe before trying to get to know me. Then he kept trying to message me from 12- 3:30 this morning because he was lonely. When I confronted him about it and told him there was no relationship there... I became the bad guy at which point he told me I couldn't handle a strong relationship and I needed counseling.
Hello I'm in counselling I have Bipolar and PTSD. Be sides I'm not looking for a relationship and I did not stalk him on Facebook like he did me.
2. About a month ago I got a new account through metro pcs and got a new phone and tablet. I was guaranteed not once but twice the old account would be closed out and not to worry about it.
Well last Saturday I had to go confront metro pcs in person because they took a payment for the old phone account out of a bank account that no longer exists. By the time I left metro pcs I thought I had the problem solved. Because they sent said payment back to where they took it from and turned off the old account.
3. I spent the last 2 days trying to figure out why Access Behavioral health sent other clients their checks who happen to be my neighbors and I haven't got mine for weekly spending.
According to Access Behavioral health I'm supposed to have my staff work on these problems for me. Well my staff can not do their job. Which really has me thinking dam I had problems with my aunt when she was my payee. But this shit is annoying as hell.

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