from my heart
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2021-02-26 16:37:34 (UTC)


4:37 pm

just focus on yourself. think about your goals and dreams & work daily to get closer to them. no matter how far away and unachievable it feels, just taking one step forward daily will eventually lead you to where you want to be in life. isn't it amazing to have so much desires and wants in life?

somedays it can get a little foggy and you can lose focus of what you want. it happens to me all the time. sometimes i try to suppress what i like and enjoy because im too embarrassed to truly be myself and embrace the what makes me happy.

that is what i want to do.. its to accept my happiness.

heres a few of my current goals in life that make me feel happy when i think about it:
- colorful and wonderful room
- having my own apartment
- having a nice fashion
- saving money
- cleanliness
- smelling nice / having a perfume collection
- going on trips with friends
- listening to music
- consistent meditation and setting a nice routine for myself
- being productive
- cooking / baking
- make up
- art

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