This Is It - 2021
2021-02-24 00:00:00 (UTC)

Relaxation Before


(Internet's been incredibly spotty this evening, so I'm not entirely sure when this will post here)

My mother and I set out to attend productivity today. But alas! Our vacuum's band has spun its last day, and left us with carpets of shame.

By which I mean my carpets have to stay a bit dog-furred up until her friend is able to help us figure out how to fix this thing. My succulent is doing well in succy hospital (I think). It looks like he's closing up the cut, which is the first step before baby roots form - according to the YouTube video on propagating succulents I watched. Keeping him on bed rest in a dry area for the time being.

We actually are going to be productive and grocery shop tomorrow, setting out bright and early! Which sounds nice now but will be awful when I actually have to wake up with the sun instead of near noon as usual. But at least we'll be doing something. Spent the day watching Jerry Springer, Maury (but with Karamo), and Dr. Phil with my mom today instead.

No walk today, my hip's way too stiff and sore for that today. Just leftover effects of infant hip dysplasia, amiright? Only trashy reality TV.

I wish I could watch YouTube too... Internet please come back...