La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2021-02-25 20:26:00 (UTC)

Eager to figure it out.

Well u don't need a partty to have people show up on your birthday and let u know how much they care for you!! All my friends and family even though they couldn't see me they stop by to bring me flowers....I love flowers I think is a great way to shownsomeone how u feel about them. My favorite flowers are Gannets I thing is a very elwgant flower and very beautiful even if it doesn't smell. I also love purple roses because of their wonderful smell. I could go on and on about flowers.
But I belive is a little more intresting to talk about breaking behaviour family paterns.
This is been a true struggle for me for many years and I feel terrible just thinking about me victimizing myself. And I do without trying because is a fam patern that I've always struggle with.
Any who... I did something about it. I enrolled in a confrence from a very highly recomended speaker that is allowing me to take the class by Zoom since am still in bed rest. But am so excited I took this step. Is so important to invest in onself and for the first time I took this chance. Well maybe not the first but one of many chances that I've taken. Am eager to figure out to to break all these belives and ideas that keep getting in my way of becoming the best version of myself. So wish me luck.