If I die today
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2021-02-25 07:15:00 (UTC)

walking walter

So it seems my neighbor has made his full recovery of the pandemic the bastard had it it twice. Total creeper so he's back up and around and I accidently walked right thru his path and was suprised to find him healthy and very mobile at the dumpster and he's back at his shit tryin to make cheery conversation with me. Theres something so not right about that guy. Anyhow so who do I tell oh he said freagin hi . Even considering the past noones gonna go near someone whos catches covid like its hot all the time. Althou I saw him at the dumpster unmasked.. So Id been out enojoying the day and relieving some stress anyway and so I was so ready to trun in and have dinner but since that clown was out and my alarm was on I didnt want to go straight home bc if he does here me coming in he may show up right after or I could be followed so I just wandered around for an extra 20 or 30minutes it seems and I tried to walk places I think he wouldnt want to bc he "knee condiotion" which I think he may not have been faking but you never know. My boyfriend well I tried to tell him someone made me uncomfortable but thats all bc how embarssing is it to say when techingly he did nothing but I hate that jerk. Maybe I should just say that but I'm sorta having a relaity check right now with my man and relasiing that I did sign up to date someone who lives with his ex or whatever and well shit I have to accept that she is going to get his attention too. I guess I mean I shoulda really thought it thru. I think I assume I guess he's helping her with something but whatever I didnt have plans with him last night but he volunteered lets get coffee followed by carries is bitchin at me I gotta go take her for a ride. IDK to me that sounds like you preffer being treated like shit than spedning time with me and also just dont make plans with me and change them I dont need him. We actually have plans tonight so I guess I'm exspecting him and we'll need to talk in person to work it all out. I just wanted to be left alone last night bc I'm kinda annoyed at him and also I am very upset about the nieghbor. Otherwise IDK if I die today well he's still my man nDea and I wouldnt change it so let him be included. Physicaly I'm grinding my teeth like mad so thats that. my diet is half there and half crap so. I'm on one and a half tsp dte tommow I'll be at 1 and 2 thirds then I'll bump it up to 2 thru the weekend I guess then i'll call it done . Seems like my digestion has been moving a long I havnt felt too much of the heartburn seems decreasing so IDK if I needed the cleanse or the diet change or both. My legs still hurt but thats that. I'm gonna try to start my day in a bit I didnt sleep much last night or well bc i'm upset. I took a melation at 1015 1mg slow release but I sat down like before 7 with chamoile tea tryin to calm down so its been a long night.

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