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2021-02-25 12:34:28 (UTC)

Khi Borrodat

I spent 20 perfect minutes ruminating over whether I should write this
I even brushed my teeth, so you could smell me.

I spent 20 perfect years losing my freedom
with some of the most poignant snapshots of my pain
being that part in Saw when Shawnee Smith is digging in the vat of dirty needles for keys
or maybe the moment when Megan Good is sweating in the bathtub with her hosiery on death

Oh what about the fact that neither Kim Jung Un or Dr. Seibi take a poop
and any good citizen of the world can relay this information as a conversable fact.
This is where I have been since the school year began
and my prayers were not answered.

I will not be studying Juliette Lewis or Magic Johnson.
I know enough to know that some people have been corralled into our conversations.
They are being polite to be there, and would like to leave as soon as possible.
Aids went the Way of the Gun

Sometimes I chant the names of unspeakable leaders
in the hopes that nasty strong arm moves from the recesses of my imagination
will come true, give me my intended result, then disappear from the hearts and minds
of those who could get Me In Trouble.

I don't have a trust ryder on previous intellectual property
so I have to support artists like Ana Tijoux and Lekeili
and wonder why a Capstone Class is mindless behavior
or agonize over what I am going to do with bullies like little race track soda jerk twerps
polka dots and freckles and frogs
Chicken George and Porgy and Bess
or Cornwall and the Connelly directory
or the ever so underground "So you think you are Morris Chestnut"
Jaguar Wright?
Everybody's a Q around here! Why so sensitive?

Everybody can punch like a boxer and
cut like a doctor. All you have to do is show up

A special thanks, gracious recognitions to the climate change in my house.
It is so robotic and demonic to have to thank a transponder for a flushing toilet
but I will acknowledge it.
Also I get warm and fuzzy everytime I can microwave tea without going to six
physical power sources in my house and unplugging the heaters.
Leading my brave individual journey back to where it began.
YOU have improved my conditions, because you have the power to wake in the morning without your
skin puckered and stinging from cold, to not be able to walk from room to room without socks shoes and layers
fit for outside. Food in the fridge, a hot cup of coffee. And to top it off, to not have to spend
20 minutes PER plunging the toilet being threatened that you will have to
clean the entire house from top to bottom and wait hours or days for someone
to come so it can flush ONCE.
Lets not call it a win, lets call it a tie.

I can admit the time it took to figure out a throw phone
give my mans a pound (Dap)
clear my head so I could tell the difference between 911 and 211
I will remain a classic
simply in the struggle struggling
for someone not need to transfer their energy on to me
to reinvent the wheel by tampering with the basic scent of my basic needs

Live knowing that being a well read neutral is an above average stance
because according to Hitchhikers Guide and Only Fans
Its smart to be stupid and you can find somebody to follow like that
Only thing is...(

Imma Need MY Bag
smiles cries Britneys and Demi's and Kims and Khadisha's airforce or army tummy or dome
Imma need MY Bag
Driver take me home. 20 years is gone= Kendall to Niagra you lied to steal and it doesn't hurt anymore --But Facts
Imma Need My Bag

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