Do Not Disturb

2021-02-24 18:32:31 (UTC)

Better Than Revenge

So, the girl that Larry was with I told her about me and her boyfriend and how we had sex and stuff and she told me it was other two girls he's been talking to and how he's been going around telling other girls that he doesn't have a girlfriend and that their best friends. Me and the girl and her friend was saying that the girl told him to say that so that wss on her part to. But the nigga cheated on her multiple times and they were on and off. But this time they were on because she would go to his house every weekend because I would see her out the window with him and that one sunday we actually saw each other hut not any other days.

But everyone saying she doesn't have a right to know that he's cheating and lying to her and they been together for a whole year but the nigga had sex with me and hung out with me but never even mentioned to me about a girlfriend. Like ever.

But she's the one overreacting but then again she shouldn't have been doing the most and putting all her business like that on Facebook.

I don't control what she's doing its just my opinion. She can do whatever but she is kinda so it to much on their but you ain't heard it from me.

I don't like two managers here Maya and Miranda I don't care if I say they names. Maya always get an attitude when I ask her a simple question about an order or what they said in the headset about an order and same way with Miranda and their both managers. I haven't seen Miranda lately so that's good because she gives me a headache and Maya just stresses me out and she's 20 and a manager but I'm 22.

I wanna quit this job but I only been here for like a month and I got my other job so if I quit this one the other one will fit just perfectly and its by my house.

Marquis wanted to get on the phone so we got on the phone. He said he also wanted to see me this weekend since I was off from my second job but work from my first job.

I might get some hours in this weekend from my second job. I'm not sure.

But yea that's what been going on with my life lately work, home and drama,drama,drama. Drama,Rama,Rama.

I only got two hours.

- A

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