Being Sam
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2021-02-24 17:39:12 (UTC)

Me again, only sober this time.

Me again! I havent written this frequently in years.
I don't remember writing on here last night, but I will say I'm bloody impressed with my ability to write(type? Press keys?) Drunk. I had my fancy bottle of Chablis all to myself last night while Dean painted my toenails (he's going to regret being so soft with us until the day he dies, I know it hahahaha) and honestly by glass number 3, I felt like I was at that end of the night stage where you either need to go to bed immediately or be sick. My body felt heavy and my head felt woozy and I was straddling that fine line between a little happy and a little sicky. And I honestly don't know how I got there from less than 1 bottle of wine! I could drink a good 9 or 10 spiced rum and cokes and still feel bouncy (but maybe a teeny sicky too) and yet that wine slayed me. I woke up this morning a little tired and a little blah and Dean reminded me of the last time I drank Chablis in Tenerife when we were there at the same time as my brother. Me and Donna drank so much of it that I forgot how to use my legs and my brother had to carry me down the steps from the restaurant LOL. Somehow I'd forgot that in all my excitement to buy it for myself, I think.