If I die today
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2021-02-24 08:37:00 (UTC)

10minutes to pants

hard to say what to write today. Well I crapped a lot yesterday but smooth healthy easy poops so I kinda think the cleanse is doing me good. I just showered so in 10minutes I gotta put on pants bc my delivery of walmart food is scheduled for 9-10. DIet is good health is ok did a short bootcamp this morning I picked 5 exercies so I did sitdowns- (butt to couch) . push ups. bicycles. moving plank0(idk what to call it moving your body up n down with your arms in a plank postion .. and lastly weed pull stretches - just moving a long motion reach pull stretch. anyhow I did that after essectrics I did about 40mins total workout. Idk I dont really have anything to say to the world and I wouldnt have a spefic cause if I just poof died right now. I ate already seasme crackers with my first cofffe whcih I added hemp milk in then an apple after my workout now onto baked oatmeal with blueberries. seeing yLindse today I already told her no need next week. A lot of thoughts about my love but dont wanna get a head of myself withs haring that. grinding again with the teeth but soo I was gonna make hamburger biscuit sliders with nDea helping me and well crap we had sex seems longer than I would have exspected and it was tiring so afterwards well we just plopped down turned on a movie and I grabbed us a bag of chips and hummus to share but well it was mostly me eating I put the chips up after like a hlaf hour so I didnt eat the whole bag. Plus the seaseme crackers are crunchy so I may need a soft diet again but its not likely to kill me.. unless I stop eating I suppose. Well I gotta run things to do need to be ready in case my order does arrive on time noone wants to see me in my undies and robe

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