2021-02-24 11:58:00 (UTC)

20 & 40 Doesn't Match #10

Dear Diary - The City

Bass and I arrived in the City, at our hotel suite.
Beautiful and loud as ever.

"Thank god, I don't live in this shit hole." Sebastian mumbled. Never fond of the city, but it was a good one night fling thing for him. 'One timers' as he call the guys.

"You bet." I replied. Not exactly thrilled to be here, again.

We went up to the elevator to the usual apartment I always have. Walking through the door, the memories of last time conflicting in my mind. Both good and bad.
The day I lost my virginity and probably the guy.

"You up in your head again and we haven't even been here a second."

"Yeah." I know Bass is trying to keep my mind off it, but to no prevail.

"You up for a drink at the local waterhole? I saw a pub down the street." Actually it was the coffee cafe, The Cafe.

"Not a pub, cafe."

"Oh fuck me, are you coming with or are you just gonna mope around? The sun is still stealing water you know and we don't have to be at work until tomorrow."

Part of me didn't wanted to go. The other half, wanted to. Maybe to see if he was there... maybe not.

"Sure, only if you're buying." I said with a smile. Trying to lift my own mood.

"Tap water, any day!" I laughed. This was so Bass.


Walking in the Cafe, it didn't change much, maybe one or two new employees but what can you expect, I have only been out of the city for a few weeks.
It's not busy at all. An old couple sharing a muffin, drinking tea. A student, or what seemed to be, busy typing on his computer with study material next to him.

"Next!" The Barista yelled.

"Hey girl, two mega cappuccinos, no sugar." Bass ordered.

I couldn't stop staring at the old couple. My heart felt broken, for the first time in years.

"There is still enough time you know. Anyway, nothing coffee can't fix, right?" Bass disrupted my thoughts.

"Yeah, well, I still have you though, right?"

He bumped me with his shoulder. "Stuck like shit on a wool blanket."

What a choice for words, it was reassuring though.