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2021-02-24 10:14:27 (UTC)

missing game

Well after my last convo with V i dont bother him with my msgs, i was stupid to say that ill msg you ones in a while but i am not gonna do so. like many questions one question is still bothering me is that why doesn't he block my number or delete it. Also why was he so furious on me that wasn't fake I know. In Oct we were good we wished each other a good partner and all, we cherished old memories but I don't know why was he so furious so much on me. anyways... I thought of writing him a future letter but again i dint wanted to bother him. gone is gone... he has moved on and ill soon move on. I haven't yet deleted his number or chats but soon ill. I do check on him on True caller these days he isn't busy on call late night I might be wrong or he might be smart. anyways it doesn't matter. I am still in shock for his change in attitude that guy has completely forgotten me and has become a stranger for me. hurts bug time. I still make stories in my head as if he is there by mmy side., i still startle when i get an email, sms or call stupid me. like really i can guarantee on this that he will never ever call or msg me in this life. He said me he can date any one and also can touch anyone why wouldn't he?? i gave my soul my body to him somewhere i feel exploited but i was mutual so that's ok. maybe am making a big fuzz. but he was true we wouldn't have been happy or will not be happy if together. Am sure he has few additions in his problems. life is one and i want to make most of it. let my married life be good god plsss.... am trying also you bless me. also i pray for V for his good life. he is a very good son. god bless him.
soon or later I'll delete his entries...his number.. his chats. pics are already deleted. also slowly ill move on and forgive forget him... feeling is very deep can not be explained. this modern world will always give me access to peep in him but i would not see anythg as he is very secretive person.
job hunt is on
guy hunt is on
looking forward for a good times in future. K sambhal ja jaldi ab. I know you miss him but ab koi faida nai as monku said. I so so miss shim want to hug him for the last time. am so blank.. love you forever....