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2021-02-24 01:50:14 (UTC)

Early romantic memories 😘

Lately I've been reflecting in my past romances. It's Covid season so yeah, new romances are not as easy to come by. Maybe I'm losing whatever the heck touch I may have had too. Thinking back to my last three relationships, I recollect what I thought was the most memorable events with all three past relationships. No, it's not the sex. Pervy as I am, those were great but not the things that stick into my mind. What does stick into my head was the first time holding hands with that certain someone. I remember the place and situation I was in.

The most furthest back was my Mexican woman and we were sitting across from each other at a Burger King no less. We both worked the graveyard shift at Kodak and so not too many places were open. We sat across each other and we simultaneously reached out to hold each other's hands with both hands. The new and exiting future of possibilities were incredible. The other woman was that Native American lady. We had lunch and I was walking her back to her work place. As we were walking, I reached for her hand and she reciprocated and we held hands in an interlocking grip. A few days later, she told me that she went back to work that day and was confused sitting at her cubicle trying to work but not being able to. She later told me she was soaking wet between her legs from us walking back holding hands but didn't understand what she was feeling because she hasn't felt that way in a long time. The third was with that lady from Iraq or Iran. Forgot where she was from but on our first date, we visited this small town and walked around window shopping, having lunch, and coffee at various times of course. It was getting a little chilly so I reached for her hand as we walked along that small town and she accepted my gesture and held my hand even tighter acknowledging and letting me know she wanted me too.

All those situations, I cold feel the electricity from my fingertips flowing to my head eventually zapping me down to my toes. For real :) hehe. Of course, it managed to clip my....other body part on the way down to my toes too. Those were cool moments and even though those relationships didn't last, I still loved the moment and can smile thinking about it. Of course, I don't want to be back with them at all. I just miss those moments of happiness at that brief snapshot in time. Yeah... Covid does put a hamper on things. Not sure if Covid is to blame 100%. I'm sure there is a part of me that is to blame too. Not sure why the dryspell to be honest.

Anyway, just wanted to post that I do miss that part of my life. Sure, no drama now. I don't get angry at much of anything nowadays. The stress in my life isn't even 10% of what I had to experience a decade ago. But still, it's calm now and it sure would be good to have something going on in my life besides this. Dunno, maybe I'm taking my peace for granted. For now, I'll just keep on swimming. Better to be moving than to just sit still and do nothing. I'm thinking maybe, just maybe I'll ask Shanti out. Not sure if I want to really but it's not like I have a lot of choices right now. Still not gonna date anyone at the gym so pickings are slim.