This Is It - 2021
2021-02-23 00:00:00 (UTC)

Succy Doctor


Gave my dogs medicine today, did my group therapy homework, went through and replied to YouTube comments, actually like, acknowledged the messages tab on here (sorry about that @ anyone who did happen to message me), and did a little bit more sleeping (though my hips were in a bit too much pain to get any true rest).

Thrilling adventures, I know. It's still kinda wild to me that ANYONE follows/reads these entries when I've just been in a spiral of "Tasks to do but so Tired do them later" for a bit recently. Not that there's a ton to do - what with the pandemic and all. But it still seems like it'd be a bit boring. Maybe I should start going for those walks again. Or start doing prompts a bit less associated specifically with what I did in my day. Considerations...

Also something that came up while I was writing this, my succulent baby got root rot and fell (T . T) I cut the head off above (I hope) the damage and removed a couple of the leaves and I've got them all sitting in a little area drying out for the time being so hopefully at least ONE of them starts forming roots and I can replant my baby in a new, better pot. Thinking positive thoughts for Xander's tiny plant health

Legitimately sad over my plant getting sick