Rob Floyd
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2021-02-23 17:30:56 (UTC)

1.5 oil changes

Had to get up early this morn to go do a setup at work. I got it in my mind to finally try to do the oil changes on daddy's truck then my own after that, since I was feeling good and the weather was just about perfect. I had some fruit and a couple eggs at the BBreeze. The eggs were a couple days old, didnt quite taste right, but I dont think they were bad or anything. Just not fresh. I got home and found my oil change equipment, filter wrench, oil pan, jack, jack stands, and my socket wrenches. I got daddy's truck jacked up. Located the oil filter. I attempted to take it off by hand, and I was able to get it out without using the wrench at all. That was good because there was no way to get that oil filter wrench on that thing. I got it off by hand, then undid the bolt that holds the oil in the pan. A little bit spilled on the ground, but not much. I washed it down the street with the hose. I headed to OReilly's to get the oil and filter I would need. Little did I know that would be the first of many trips there, with much frustration. I had to look up the year and engine of daddy's truck. Its a 2004 F150, V8 engine, 4.6 size. I wrote it in my notes on my phone. So I got back from OReilly's and got the oil in the truck. I parked it on the street just to make sure no oil was leaking. Then I pulled myToyota into the driveway. I was able to get it jacked up and got the stands under it. It took me a while to find the filter, it's not like any oil filter I had ever seen. I had to watch a Youtube vid to find it actually. Then I came to realize I was going to need a special socket to get the damn thing off. So I headed back to Oreilly's for the 2nd time. I got the oil and filter while I was there. The guy had to look up the wrench for me. He found the one it was supposed to be. So I headed back home, and tried it. I was in no hurry because I didnt have to be back at work until 3:45. I tried and tried the goddam thing, but it kept slipping off the filter. I held it on as hard as I could and tried to untwist it, but it wouldnt budge. I thought maybe I had the wrong wrench size. So I headed back to OReilly's. Again. I spoke with the guy who had helped me before, and he assured me that was the right wrench for the job. I told him it wasnt working, and I thought it was too big. I picked out another one that appeared a size smaller. I went to the counter to pay for that one, and told him I'd bring the one back that didnt work. But I had left my wallet at home. I remember I had gone into the bedroom and put it on the shelf where I always keep it. The guy told me to take it and just bring him one of them back. So I headed home again. The 2nd wrench wouldnt fit on the filter at all. So I kept trying and trying the 1st one, holding it on as hard as I could so it wouldnt slip and I could turn it. But it wouldnt budge. I took a break, and tried to find my better socket wrench that I have, but it was nowhere to be found. I was getting frustrated so I took my last shot of kratom that I had. It stated kickin in while I was under the car. I got a bit dizzy, but it did help to calm me down a little. So I decided to try one more goddamn time. That filter still wouldnt budge. I watched a youtube vid on it, and the guy in the vid had to use a torque wrench. Since I dont own a torque wrench, I cursed the guys who had put this filter on. Its only supposed to be tightened by hand, maybe a crank or two with the socket head. I finally had to give up, because it was getting late and I had to shower before going to work. So I headed back to Oreilly's. Again. How many times is that now? I brought the oil I had bought, the filter, and the 2 wrenches back, one paid for, one not. I told the guy there what had happened. It wasnt the one who had helped me earlier to pick out the filter wrench. I thought it was. All those old white boys look alike. He took all my stuff back and put the money back on my credit card. I got back home, put my tools back in a rush (the jacks and jack stands I stashed in Daddy's truck). Hit the shower quick and headed on in to work.