taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2021-02-23 21:28:14 (UTC)

that's how you make me feel

on the days i see it for the game that it is, i can barely feign an interest in wanting anything new. herded into the products and things we're supposed to buy (into). marvel universe *cough*.

nothing, i want nothing.

I've had a broken ikea scrub brush in my sink the entire pandemic. you know the one, with the suction cup on the bottom. of course you know. mine shed it's suctioning ability a year ago. and, i can't be bothered to replace it. throwaway culture, etc. i can't be bothered.

shitty items, meant to break. the anxiety of spending money, when you don't have much. because capitalists robbed us blind, put the brakes on fair wages.

on the days i can matrix capitalism, guttural internal screams when i (have to) buy some shit on amazon.

everything is so fucking beat to death with commercialization and corporatism. gag inducing how woven into the social fabric it all is now. distasteful, ugly and cheap.