from my heart
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2021-02-23 16:34:55 (UTC)

trying to be kinder to myself

4:34 pm

my life feels so messy at the moment. i dont really have much productivity going on in my life because im so lazy and my sleep schedule is also really messed up.

it makes me feel gross and disgusted inside at how lazy i am being. that being said i know nothings going to change if i dont put forth any action to change it. im going to get back into taking my vitamins everyday, making my bed, and im also going to try and meditate. im going to try and sleep at 3 am the latest. im also going to make sure to remember to eat..

i am not going to get mad or feel bad if i fail to do one of these things. i will just try my best today.

today my plans are to:
- clean room and bathroom
- put my blankets and bedsheets in the laundry
- dress up a little bit to feel good
- language arts homework
- fyes hw
- studying math

i can do this!