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2021-02-23 21:03:00 (UTC)

Sheriff thugs Bentonville

‎Tuesday, ‎February ‎23, ‎2021
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Old Man's Story
Calling it a day again, as I stated this old man learns of something the Bentonville Sheriffs Department is always up to no good. As if anything has really changed in the fifteen years that I have been tracking them as they do so many others.
Took the older caretakers kid to see his probation officer today and after ten minutes here they come out of the office and James standing their as if being a drug test o something. No idea, as these people are so fun as well as funny to watch. James standing at attention which he does when he is being stressed out over whatever they were saying. After this comedy show went on for fifteen minutes with a gal and guy babysitters taking their turns at whatever they were saying. I should have recorded this but it's all humor to me when your dealing with want to be whatever power trip babysitters think they can do.
James comes back to the car said they told him to come back next month but to call her tomorrow after his doctors appointment. Yea, a doctors appointment tomorrow for him. James states that they wanted to talk to him outside because the house he is living at has been marked as being under convert-19? I said what that is silly as hell, who told them that. The BENTONVILLE Sheriff's is keeping records on all homes that are infected, so officers are prepared, and the probation department also keeping track.
Now, I wanted to call the babysitters, but then James said no, as I will be talking to her tomorrow. I said then ask her which person is infected then so I can also be clear of them. After all I was tested a couple weeks ago and clear for the operation I had to go in for. But, would not put nothing outside of the laws these nthugs wearing a sheriff's department badge and see them doing things unbecoming or a peace officer all the time across the United States of America.
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