Behind these SB eyes
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2021-02-23 20:37:56 (UTC)

Normalcy peeking through

I spent some time last night talking to Bill, He initiated the conversation then this morning I woke to a good morning babygirl type message. He's so confusing lol I still feel quite guarded when I talk to him. I cannot let him get to my feelings like he already has. I do feel more on stable ground emotionally. I do believe what I was feeling was the adrenaline crash of the intimate times we shared on Friday. I am still unsure if what I was feeling is that or I genuinely am falling for this man but I feel far more in control of myself than I did over the weekend.

I also spent some time talking to Nick. We talked quite a bit last night and again today. He seems really genuine. I am not sure when we are planning to meet and he's not been really forcing it as of yet but I finally did share my pictures and he said "you are beautiful, I am very happy" soo, there's that lol. I really do not like having my face picture on my profile but with his profile having his and his texting app having it. I felt it was only right. He is absolutely gorgeous, again, a bit older than me but that is my preference. We talked a lot about what he is missing in someone and what he is hoping to find. We seem to be on the same page as far as what we are wanting. Yes, I am a sb but I need some sort of connection. Some sort of *relationship*. I do not want a transaction. I want a friendship, with benefits and that is exactly what he is seeking. He has his own life which is seems to be quite busy and full. The conversation was quite nice. He asked about my life, my interests. He seemed very interested in getting to know me. I am cautious of the things I do tell my sd's as I do not want someone that deep into my life. That's where complications arise. I did tell him my real name and I know his. Seems promising but time will tell.

Otherwise I have not been back on the sb website today. I spent the day outdoors and running some errands. It felt nice to be back doing normal things again. Some normalcy peeking through. It is a beautiful day here. Above zero and the sun is shining and the snow is melting, Yipee. It is amazing how sunshine and doing things we took for granted, can make you feel.