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2021-02-23 11:08:21 (UTC)

It’s Time

I’m tired.
Finished laundry.
Did some painting.
Called the propane company to check for a leak, because even they agree I shouldn’t need a fill yet, specially since I keep it at 54 at night and 67 during the day.

So, I’m going to take my lunch medications, and crawl into bed and grab some sleep.
Kinda struggling at the moment with some stuff.
So probably best I sleep through it.

Have a friend of mine order me something for my “painting” kit. No, nothing to harm me, but to hopefully help me. Was only $10 and I had to chose between four options and I got it down to two, and told her to pick between the two.....surprise me.

Other than that, I’m tired. Going to put the paint away, send photos and grab a shower then some rest.

Feeling real shitty right now.....
Till later....


Thank you friends/family/followers for your inspiring thoughts and words, and being here to listen, and to respond, so I know, I’m not alone.