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2021-02-23 09:19:57 (UTC)



After H left for work, I swept, vacuumed, and moped all the floors. I straightened up the laundry room and put away clothes. I put away the clean dishes, and pick up rest the house. At some point I took a break break and masturbated. I had a very nice mental picture, of a lady riding my manhood and kissing another man. This man fingered her butt and rubbed her clit.

I did lay down late morning for a nap. I spoke to my mom when I woke up. I pulled out my range bag, and loaded my magazines. I want to go to the shooting range Wednesday or Thursday.

I have been looking at buy a new cell phone. I showed H the phone I want, and she loved it. I offered to buy her one and she can pay me back. She is going to let me know tomorrow. I invited H out to dinner and drinks tommorow. She is excited, just as mush as me. Now that we both have had both are vaccine shots, we feel more comfortable going in public. We still have/want to wear a mask. We have only went out for cocktails, once in the last year. That was 7 or 8 months ago.

H leg hurt most the evening. We watch some tv. Talked mostly. I smoked some weed and two cocktails.

I woke in the middle of the night, having a nightmare. It was horrible. I am not going to share this one, and I hope I never have it again.